Orez Display is a family-run business providing plastics and related materials in the UK. Based in Crewe Cheshire, we serve four main industry sectors – Signs, Display & Graphics, Industrial & Engineering, Building & Construction and Retail & Commercial Interiors / Exteriors. We are adding to our product ranges every day and look at building strong relationships with our distribution partners. We strive to ensure our customers can stand apart from their competitors.

OUR Materials

We are proud to to present our high quality innovative materials to the industry. Click on the categories below to learn more.


Available in a clear finish with an exceptional light transmission higher than that of glass, our cast Acrylic is widely available at a reasonable cost.


Komaprint is a fine-celled foam structure and the PVC sheet presents a finely textured surface for perfect printing results.

Corrugated Board

Corrugated Board is a durable, corrugated plastic weatherproof material ideally suited as outdoor temporary signs.

Aluminium Composite

Polyethylene core sandwiched by aluminium layers on either side suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


PET G is a thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance, durability, and excellent formability for manufacturing.


We offer the whole range of Metamark products including sign vinyl, digital media, over laminates and application tape

OUR products

Finished Products available to the industry.

built up lettering

Built up letters are cut out individually to create a sleek 3D effect. Perfect for corporate and business signage, stylish and professional

Flex Face Lightbox

Flex Face Signage is a type of system that is typically used for outdoor sign applications such as retail parks, shop fronts and other large customer facing signage. 


Tray signs are folded panels with no visible joints, which can be fitted to walls and fences around most buildings

Face-lit lettering

LEDs are mounted inside the letter/shape and fit in a specific manner to illuminate the face or the front of the letters

PVC Banners

We specialise in all varieties of digital PVC banners for indoor and outdoor usage. Perfect for exhibitions and roadshows to promote your brand and services


We offer a variety of printing services to our trade partners, from printing signs, promotional banners and other marketing collaterol

Surfex Interior Films

Eco friendly Surfex pvc film provides a variety of finishes, outstanding designs, and equipped with a range of patterns and colors that can enhance any environment, residential or commercial.

“Orez Aluminium Composite panels consist of three layers: The surface and back cover of high strength aluminium alloy sheets and the core on nontoxic low density polyethylene PE sheet. The painting on the surface and backside aluminium sheet is made by PPG VALSPAR of the USA and Becker from Sweden. Because of their excellent weather proofing qualities and other features, our panels have won a great reputaion in wall cladding and sign board business around the world “

—Ben Caldwell MD


Displays & graphics

Orez Display services the Signs, Display & Graphics market place which includes sign makers, wide format and flatbed digital printers, screen-printers, POS/POP manufacturers, designers, stationery and packaging manufacturers, it is a wide and often demanding sector that requires a broad range of products and of course a high level of service. Contact us for a quote

Building & construction

Orez Display provides a full range of products for use in the building and construction sector. We can supply a wide range of signage materials for use on building and construction sites. Through our specialist knowledge of this sector we offer specific materials durable enough to withstand the requirements of the variety of weather conditions in the UK

Covid 19 Protection

 it’s now more important than it’s ever been for companies to ensure that the workplace is as safe and hygienic as possible, both for employees and for members of the public. Prime examples of this are at supermarket checkouts, collection points, pharmacies, bakeries, greengrocers, restaurants, cafes and takeaways. All these need some level of protection

retail & commercial

We provide a broad range of materials to be used for interiors – whether retail or commercial, from protective acrylic for use in retail and commercial environments, to materials for POS/POP usage in retail stands. We also offer a range of signage materials for use with retail environments, from Aluminium composites to Acrylic and Correx. We also offer finished products.


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