PET-G is a thermoplastic polyester that provides high levels of chemical resistance, durability, and excellent formability for manufacturing.

Additional Information

PETG is strong and cost-effective when compared to either  acrylic or  polycarbonate . Its unique characteristics make it preferable for impact-resistant glazing and high strength display units. Suitable for digital printing PETG lends itself to product materials, displays, and signage.

PETG plastic is often the material of choice for point-of-sale stands and other retail displays. Since it’s easy to manufacture in a wide range of shapes and colors, businesses often turn to PETG material for eye-catching signage that attracts customers. Plus, the added benefit of easy printing helps make customized, intricate imagery an affordable option.
Sheet Sizes
  • 1mm 2440×1220 
  • 1.5mm 2440×1220 
  • 2mm 2440×1220 and 3050×2050 
  • 3mm 2440×1220 and 3050×2050 
  • 5mm 2440×1220 3050×2050 
  • 6mm 3050×2050
  • 8mm 3050×2050  
  • 10mm 3050×2050 


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pet G
pet G