Often seen as a low-weight cost-effective alternative to glass, our orez glass acrylic sheets come in a variety of width, sizes and finishes.

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Orez glass Acrylic Sheet:

We have Orez glass acrylic available in solid or opaque, clear transparent, and translucent variety of colours suitable for all types of uses and applications, from acrylic signage to retail point of purchase displays.

The Orez glass brand is made from the highest quality raw materials and we take the utmost care to ensure the look, design, and finish quality.

All Orez glass acrylic sheet material comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Orez glass Clear – 

The clear range of Orez glass Acrylic produces a clearer than glass appearance at less than half the weight as well as offering outstanding light transmission in excess of 93.3%. With this level of clarity, clear acrylic sheets tend to be used in many glazing operations, eg. glass replacement. Clear orez glass acrylic is perfect for safety windows, secondary windows, glazing boat windows, machine guards, furniture, forming and manufacture. Because of its high light transmission properties, clear orez glass acrylic tends to be widely used when producing and manufacturing signs and display cases.

Orez glass Standard Colours –   

We offer an wide range of transparent, translucent and opaque colours to be used signage manufacturing operation. The application potential is infinite due to the outstanding cutting and forming properties of Orez glass acrylic material. We can produce anything from standard cut panels shaped to your exact specification with no additional cutting and wastage charges to be added, to domes, furniture, shelves, display cases and much more.

Orez glass Frost   

Orez glass acrylic Frost has a wonderful unique matt finish on both sides of the acrylic sheet. This matt finish gives the effect of sandblasted glass or even etched glass. We offer Orez glass acrylic Frost in clear and opal, as well as lighter pastel colours down to the deeper colours of the huge Orez glass acrylic colour range. The unique mix of texture and colours offers a wide range of opportunities for retail POP displays, shop-fitting, in-store promotions and is perfect for free-standing double-sided display units, space dividers and acrylic shelving. This type of acrylic is often referred to as Frosted Orez glass acrylic.

We offer our unique Orez glass Acrylic in full sheets or half sheets. We also offer a cut to size service for trade customers requiring Acrylic sheets in a particular size.

Cast Sheet Sizes
  • 2mm 2440×1220 
  • 3mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 4mm 3050×2050 
  • 5mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 6mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 8mm 2440×1220, 3050 x 2050 
  • 10mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 25mm 3050×2050

Opal 37%

  • 3mm 3050×2050 
  • 5mm 3050×2050  
  • 8mm 3050 x 2050 
  • 10mm  3050×2050 

White & Black

  • 3mm 3050×2050 
  • 5mm 3050×2050
  • 10mm  3050×2050

Extruded Sheet Sizes
  • 2mm 2440×1220 
  • 3mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 4mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 5mm 2440×1220, 3050×2050 
  • 6mm 2050×3050, 2440×1220 
  • 8mm 2050×3050, 2440×1220 
  • 10mm 2050×3050, 2440×1220  

Orez Glass Data Sheet