Our own brand Foamex is much stronger than standard Foamex and is available in a variety of sizes.

Additional Information

Foamex is a rigid plastic compressed hardwearing PVC material usable for indoor and outdoor signs and signage. Foamex signs are manufactured from lightweight PVC foam with a smooth finish, rendering it perfect for advertising, ceiling signs, or wallcovering. This extremely adaptable material is recommended to be made with 3mm foamex  for indoor use, or 5mm for use outdoors (in a safe secure place).

Foamex signs tend to be used as an economic option for shop front signs and many outdoor signage applications, they are tough and durable and the material can easily be drilled, screwed or even nailed to a wide variety of surfaces. On larger signs we would advise fixing your foamex signs to a backboard like a sheet of plywood. Foamex signs are ideal for exhibition signs and displays.

Printed foamex has a waterproof finish.

Sheet Sizes

  • 3mm Depth – 2440mm x 1220mm
  • 5mm Depth – 2440mm x 1220mm


Komaprint Fine-Celled Foam

Kromaprint Sheet Sizes

  • 2mm 2440×1220 
  • 3mm 2440×1220 ans 3050×1500 
  • 5mm 2440×1220 and 3050×1500 
  • 10mm 3050×1500 2440×1220 3050×1220. 
  • 3050×1220 black 3mm and 5mm