Orez Display manufacture and supply built-up metal and acrylic letters complete with white, coloured or colour-changing high brightness LEDs for face illumination.

Additional Information

Following their creation in our workshop, built-up letters are fitted with the appropriate LED modules for their size and shape. From small letters or those with a narrow stroke width to large scale letters standing at one metre or more in height, Orez-Display stock modules suitable for a variety of letters.

Face illuminated 3D lettering is a wonderful way of adding real visual emphasis to your signs and business location. This type of illuminated lettering is cut using acrylic that is then placed in durable sheet metal that can be fixed to any flat inside or outside wall. Each letter is then is lit by opaque acrylic using LED light fixtures that give a relatively high bright output but are low wattage so low bills with added great green plus points. You can choose the style, size, depth and colour of your 3D lettering design to ensure that you get the look that you want.

 Face Lit metal letters on the other hand, feature a colorful face and metal finished sides for a dramatic look.

The illuminated letters create outstanding low-light appearance with a wide selection of acrylic face colors. The sides are manufactured from tough 304 Stainless Steel alloy and our prices vary for block type style fonts, but typically any logo can be fput together with a huge range of depths from 3″ to 6″.

The face color of the letter can be sourced in a range of highly visible shades. The sides can be manufactured in brushed or polished metal or even painted to match. Many other finishes like copper, bronze, and black metallic are available for an additional charge.

Finally, mounting hardware is included with each product.