Orez-Display Flex Face Lightbox signs are an outdoor illuminated sign system which are ideal for larger outdoor illuminated sign applications such as illuminated outdoor retail park signs, company outdoor signs and shop front signs.

Additional Information

We import our profiles in from europe and build our boxes in house for complete control, complete with printed flex face skins non-illuminated and back-lit which are completely finished either by clips or pockets depending on the system required. 

On the back-lit options we offer different types of illumination depending on your requirement such as a day/night skin (printed three layers) which has the same colour fully illuminated or non-illuminated.

Another option is a blockout printed skin with partial illumination which all face printed with a perfect registration.

The final option of the back-lit skin would be a double strike with two hits of ink which wouldn’t be the same colour day/night, however when non-illuminated it can boost the colour with the extra hit of ink.