Built up letters are usually used as a way of displaying your business name on external walls, shop frontage or above reception areas.

Additional Information

Why Should You Choose Built-Up Letters?

Modern 3D, built-up lettering that showcases your brand or business name looks stylish and professional, thus ensuring a great first impression to your potential customers.

When you add lighting behind the lettering this highlights your brand or business name making it easy to read, and is visible both day and night. We can apply the same techniques your logo too, making it stand proudly next to your business name.

Technical Overview of Built-Up Letters

We manufacture both illuminated and non-illuminated 3D lettering on a wide range of of materials such as metal, stainless steel and Oreglass acrylic. These can be clae and polished or finished with a matt look.

We can also cut lettering and logos of any size which can then be fixed or hanging.


Our most popular option as LED lighting will make your sign zip and pop ie really stand out. You can make a choice from a range  of LED colour lights that will generate a soft glow around your letters, so enabling you to be advertising your brand or business even when you’re closed.


We do provide an option where planning or logistical restrictions do not allow  illuminated signage, however, they remain an effective and affordable way of promoting your brand or business 

Why Are the Advantages of Built-Up Letters?

  • LED lighting options  – so you can advertise your business even when you’re closed
  • A huge range  of materials and finishes –You can choose the one that represents your brand
  • The ability to print your logo in addition to your business name – make your logo ‘sing out’ from the wall
  • Ensures a great first impression to potential customers
  • Sleek and professional
  • Tip : Aluminum and stainless steel are some of the worlds hard-wearing and durable materials – made for British weather!