Orez-Display brand Aluminium Composite is now available in a variety of sizes.

Additional Information

Lightweight & durable, our aluminium sheets come in White, Black and Brushed. They are exceptionally rigid and suitable for interior and exterior use as well as printing. They offer a consistent, flat smooth finish across their entire surface area. Aluminium sheets are easy to bend, fold, cut, punch, drill, route, form, screw and glue.

Colours / Sheet Sizes

  • 0.15mm skin 2440×1220 3050×1500 matte /matte  
  • 0.2mm skin 2440×1220 3050×1500 gloss/matte 
  • 0.3mm 2440×1220 x 3050×1500 gloss/matte  
Colours 0.3 fabrication grade 
  • Red 3020 10×5 8×4 
  • Grey 7016 10×5 8×4  
  • Blue 5002 10×5 8×4  
  • Blue 5022 10×5 8×4  
  • Brushed 2440×1220 brushed /flat silver  
  • Green 6005 8×4 10×5  
  • Green 6024 8×4 10×5
  • Grey 7042 8×4 10×5
  • Brushed Gold/Silver 8×4 10×5

More colours and finshes available soon

aluminium composite

PE/PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

Orez PE/PVDF coated aluminium panels are the most popular ACP panels because of their excellent water proofing and colour qualities.
These panels are available in matt and gloss finishes

aluminium composite

Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel

Orez mirror  aluminium panels use shiny mirror effect foil imported from Germany which has excellent waterproofing characteristics and reflecting effect thanks to its electroplating layer. For use in clubs, pubs and 5 star rated hotels.

aluminium composite

Mirror Aluminium Composite Panel

Orez brushed  aluminium panels use a new type of material for brushing to the replace the normal flat aluminium foil. Widely used for interior decorating where the brushed effect takes on a luxurious finish

aluminium composite