Surfex interior films and coverings provide beautiful environmentally-friendly surface finishes

Additional Information

Architects, interior designers, and fit-out firms love how easily these commercial-grade architectural wall covering films renovate and transform commercial surfaces. The thin adhesive film resurfaces walls, panels, and work areas quickly with no demolition and minimal or zero downtime. Resurface existing smooth, solid, and non-porous surfaces such as outdated high-pressure laminates instead of replacing them.

The film meets very high standards and carries fire and smoke ratings, anti-bacterial properties, heavy metal tests and many more, meaning it can be used in a number of applications (technical data guide available on request). Renovations are very cost-sensitive when demolition requires downtime for a business. Disruption is minimal and installation is fast because it is applied quickly over existing surfaces. It arms designers and renovators with a new cost-effective and flexible option to quickly change the visual appearance and design of a space with over hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Technical Specifications